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Introduction to Mpisana Properties (PTY) LTD

Mpisana Properties (PTY) LTD is diversified construction, infrastructure concessions and services Company with an established and growing national client base engaged in resources, energy and infrastructure delivery.

The company’s business approach is encapsulated in its positioning statement of “Structured Ingenuity”:

  • The word “structured” articulates Mpisana Properties’ ability to deliver products and services according to a tested methodology.

  • The word “ingenuity” reflects the company’s ethos of meeting challenges with innovative solutions.


What drives our business?

Mpisana Properties relies on the demand for engineering and construction services that support gross fixed capital formation (GFCF). The company has a clear strategy of using its collective skills and Understanding of markets to develop a unique value proposition to clients.

The company’s experience, innovation and exceptional people differentiate our approach to delivering integrated solutions notwithstanding the diversity and complexity of an exponentially changing environment. Mpisana Properties’ businesses are supported by an integrated quality management system that underpins every aspect of its operations.

By strategically positioning quality management at the heart of its operations, Mpisana Properties has bound together the full value chain of an infrastructure company, thus embedding the concept of a triple bottom line management culture, which is central to reinforcing sustainability and delivering a quality outcome to all stakeholders.

Business Approach

Quality management is the cornerstone of Mpisana Properties’ operational culture and business approach. The company has over-arching measures to consistently monitor performance and aims to empower employees to live its corporate values.

Company Background

Mpisana Properties (PTY) LTD is a 100% black owned company established in 2015, out of dire need to create sustainable employment and participate to the country’s economic mainstream. One of Mpisana Properties (PTY) LTD’s focuses is to empower the previously disadvantaged individuals by giving them opportunities to acquire experience so they can ultimately reach their full potential. We are a renowned construction company, specializing primarily on building upgrade, refurbishment of office parks, commercial buildings and governmental structures, both for private and public sector within the borders of South Africa. Mpisana Properties (PTY) LTD is best known for QUALITY, COMPETITIVE PRICING and JUST IN TIME DELIVERY.

Mpisana Properties (PTY) LTD constitute of a team of Project Managers and Specialist Resource Suppliers. This strong infrastructure assists Mpisana Properties (PTY) LTD in executing projects of any magnitude while adhering to quality standards and customers specifications. The company has grown from strength to strength, having successfully completed couple projects, ranging from small to big projects. It has now achieved an annual turnover in excess of million rands.

The primary function of the company is to provide construction services to developers, funding agents, and development organizations. Our management and staff have a complimentary experience in project management, production management and site supervision.


Company Business Entities

  • Civil and General Building Construction

  • Project & Stakeholder Relations Management / Social Facilitation

  • Ice Manufacturing T/A Nkangala Ice Manufacturing

  • Social Facilitation

Our Vision

Mpisana Properties (PTY) LTD is a Champaign of job creation and poverty alleviation in Mpumalanga, Gauteng and Limpopo Provinces by providing good and reliable services.

To become one of the leading black entity by providing the best service without compromising QUALITY.


Mission Statement

The mission is to make significant impact to clients by providing quality and first class services. We hope to achieve this by paying attention to details and instruction given by our clients.

To retain leadership in cost-effective and profitable business operation and achieve signification growth through employee contribution, on live different, new development, acquisition and expansion across the borders.

To manage projects efficiently and effectively by being a customer focused Project Management Company. Key aim being to meet and exceed customer expectation with regards to project management outputs: thus capitalize on use of project management principles:

  • Directing and coordinating resources

  • Scope and time management

  • Quality management

  • Cost control

  • Participation that will ensure that the goals of the project achieved

Our Values

Mpisana Properties (PTY) LTD Team work together to ensure our customers ultimate success, by means of Integrity

  • Passion

  • Commitment

  • Competence

  • Conscientiousness

Our team spirit runs from Top management down, with our extensive internal and external staff training and motivation programs. We regularly contribute to various charity organisations and take part in many sponsorships incorporating team spirit. With a staff compliment of just under 100, we are well representation in 4 provinces throughout South Africa.


Quality & Safety


The Mpisana Properties (PTY) LTD’s General Construction is committed to ensuring client satisfaction through the provision of products and services which always conform to the agreed requirement in respect of specification, cost and time.

This is achieved through a strict compliance to a quality assurance system, which is entrenched and developed for each individual’s discipline. The company is fully committed to continually improving safety performance and to this end standard safety procedures are implemented and maintained on every site.

Before a project commences, Mpisana Properties (PTY) LTD’s team draws up a detailed programme using computerized techniques. Resourcing of a mutually agreed programme ensures the timeously provision of labour and plant to meet the stipulated requirements.